• To add a link from this web site to your online portfolio, simply contact me and fill out the form here. I will review your artists portfolio and contact you for a 50 x 50 jpeg image which I will then add to the home page. You are welcome to let me know which spot you would like to be in, just move over a square and the number should come up. Please indicate the location you would like in the reply with the 50 x 50 jpeg.

  • Link Your Portfolio requires a direct link to a real portfolio that you are consistently adding work.

  • Please do NOT submit portfolios on public sites like MySpace, Flickr, RedBubble, FaceBook, etc.  

  • Link Your Portfolio is for individual artists to link their portfolio websites promoting their art and selling their art. We are here to help you with your internet advertising. Art collectors who want to find an artist and buy art are absolutely welcome.

  • Submitting a portfolio does not obligate me in any way to add your online portfolio. I hold the right to refuse service to anyone.

  • The link must be to an online art portfolio starting with http://

  • You must have the authority to publish the link and image provided.

  • The online portfolio cannot contain any offensive/obscene/adult material.

  • Before adding your link, I will first view your portfolio website and decide if it is appropriate to add. I will then
    contact you for a 50 x 50 jpeg image.

  • This is a free service. This is my little contribution to individual artists out there, their art, their message, their vision, their artists portfolio and web site marketing. Let's celebrate artists!

  • If in the future you want your link removed, simply contact me and I will remove it within 48 hours.

  • The duration of the site will be determined by me and there are no guarantees. However, I expect it to be up for a long time.

  • If you want to know more about me, I'm in B10 on the home page.

  • If you need helping creating a website, I have very reasonable rates. Contact me using the form.
    Also, http://www.blogger.com is a free and easy means to create an art portfolio.

  • Why Link? Linking increases your "link popularity" with the search engines. The more sites that link to your site will increase your page ranking. Engines like Google may not even list you until a few other sites are linking to yours. Also, visitors to the site can see a whole variety of artists they may not have otherwise come across.
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